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Our Team

SwiftCurrent's Leadership team members each have 28 years or more of Health Care experience in Health Plan operations roles ranging from COO, CIO, Director, VP and others. We know health plan operations and IT because we've successfully led and lived it, every single day for nearly four decades. 

KaiEllen Bucher
Dory Hicks
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    Our Expertise

    Commercial Health Plans

    • Health Plan and MSO Operations   Guidance

    • Program Development and           Implementation

    • System Procurement and Implementation

    • Training Program Development

    • Mock Audit Services

    • Interim Management 

    • Compliance Program Development

    • Outsourcing Feasibility

                                                                    Government Programs

    • Medicare Advantage and Medicaid   Operational Assessments

    • Plan Readiness Assessment

    • Rural Health Initiative Support

    • Medicare and Medicaid System Procurement  and  Implementation 

    • Safety Net and Clinic Operations and System Procurement

    • Tele-Health Solution Procurement

    • Compliance Program Development and Training

    • Quality Improvement Solutions

    Information Technology

    • Interim Management 

    • Health Plan System Assessments

    • Health Plan System Procurement and Implementation

    • Organizational Skills Assessment

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    About Us

    SwiftCurrent Healthcare Consulting Group, LLC (SCHCG) is a recognized health knowledge leader, providing consulting to the healthcare and health insurance industries. We're best known for helping our clients develop and implement solutions which serve their current needs and position them for the future under healthcare reform. Our commitment to the underserved and safety net organizations is a mission critical focus of one area of our practice.
    We offer our clients effective help with operations, compliance, audit preparation, public program development and implementation; as well as, technical assessments and system selection and implementation processes. SwiftCurrent Healthcare Consulting Group's team provides expertise and practical solutions for the challenges healthcare or insurance entities encounter and offers prevention practice advice which can steer clients clear of potential issues.  Our solutions are designed to support a diverse set of health plans and governmental agencies, including public health emergency programs. Across the spectrum of healthcare organizations’ and insurer’s operational and IT system needs, our clients are ensured the benefit of our years of hands-on experience and our commitment to adhering to high ethical standards, delivering quality products and cost containment.
    Contact us today, and let’s begin the discussion regarding how we can help your organization’s future in healthcare. We’re here to help!

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