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Our Team

Kaiellen Bucher
    Anne Petrie

As a working partner and Senior Consultant, KaiEllen offers an immense amount of experience in Health Plan Operations in almost every functional aspect. She has been part of a number of Health Plan product startups, operational assessment  and redesign, benefit Plan design, across all product lines. KaiEllen excels in ferreting out ways to help our clients' operations run more smoothly.

Anne is a senior executive with extensive healthcare experience which includes Medicare Advantage product management, provider contracting/engagement, regulatory compliance, and Medicare STARs performance management. Her career demonstrates significant contribution to growth, margin, and performance through cultivation of strong relationships with clients and stakeholders. She’s an authentic leader known for strong execution of strategy and delivering results.

Dory Hicks

Also a working partner and Senior Consultant with over 4 decades of Health Plan operational and IT experience,  Dory has held numerous Health Plan CIO and Operations VP roles in her career. She is at her best in combining the art of people management and functional process improvement and design. Strangely, she enjoys system and program implementation projects equally.

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